Noxious plants

An invasive plant can disturb the natural plant and animal environment. One example of an invasive plant is weeds. Weeds are unwanted plant growth which cause problems to the natural environment, such as water flow, or reduced access to plants by animals. They also cause trouble for humans who use the land for business or recreational purposes. Weeds are described as “noxious”.
Noxious plants grow in the wrong place, or may cause harm to other plant life or to humans.

One example of an invasive plant species is a Japanese vine called Kudzu. This plant is non-native (Exotic pest plant, invasive exotic). A number of organizations have implemented plans to deal with these invasive plants, as they cause a great deal of damage to the environment.

Noxious weeds can be very dangerous to grazing livestock, cows, for example. Leafy Spurge is one example of a noxious plant that can be harmful to wildlife.


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