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Sustainable agriculture

The idea of sustainable agriculture is an attempt to produce healthy food while not destroying the environment, or causing unreasonable harm to animals and farmers. This method aims to create a balance between what is used and what is replaced. Farming uses water, soil and air, which must be replaced. In this type of farming, there is an attempt to use as many natural methods as possible, including pesticides, and other methods to protect and maintain crops. Care is also taken to feed animals with natural foods, and to make sure that farmers are paid fair wages. This type of farming depends heavily on the surrounding community and ecosystem.

While sustainable farmers claim to produce foods in a natural way, there is no national standard, so foods that are labelled ‘sustainable’ may not carry similar standards, although it is widely believed that these types of farmers are, in fact, producing good foods in a more natural way.

A greater movement towards sustainable farming may promote healthier lives while providing good jobs for farmers and not exhausting the environment. Those against these methods argue that with the steadily growing world population, sustainable farming techniques will not be able to feed as as many, while using more land.

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