Acid Rain Dilution Series Experiment

Acid Rain Lab (Five weeks observation)
We can see after five weeks that the plants have changed drastically due to the concentration of vinegar, simulating the effect of acid rain on the environment.

1. What plant did you use in your experiment?
Golden Pothos.

2. Define “dilution series.”
A dilution series is a set of varying concentrations of a liquid mixed with another ranging from very diluted to very concentrated. Two controls are prepared; the most concentrated which are the original solute and the original solvent. Adding more solvent to a solution will make the solution weaker whereas adding more solute to a solution will make it stronger.

3. Why is the control necessary?
The control of the experiment is the condition that has not changed. It acts as a reference to demonstrate change. A comparison to the control will show the experimenter what differences actually occurred as a result of the added changes to the original state.

4. How does this experiment mimic a natural ecosystem?
Different areas of land have different concentrations of acid rain. This is due to dissimilar levels of hydrogen ions in the air as a result of pollutants caused by industrialization. Chemicals such as ammonium, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur mix with water making the air ‘Acidic’.

Acid Rain Lab (Four weeks observation)
No change. The full concentration plat is totally dead. 1/10 concentration is also close to death. It is interesting to note that the 1/10,000 plant is doing better than the water only plant. I can think what this is (perhaps it was not as healthy to begin with), but it must not be significant because the other plants give significant indication of health due to concentration.

Acid Rain Lab (three weeks observation)
The plants with higher concentrations of vinegar are wilting with time. There is not a great observed difference between 1/10,000 and the control, but great differences can be seen between 1/10 and 1/1000. I am starting to realize the impact of acid rain over time.

Acid Rain Lab (two weeks observation)
The plants have been watered every three days since July 10th, 2010. Careful attention is placed on putting the right dilution with the right plant. Already we can see that the plants are showing signs of sickness as a result of the ‘polluted water’.

Acid Rain Lab Set-up
Six green plants were purchased “Golden Pothos”. All had similar size and weight.
Six dilutions were set up, using apple cider vinegar and distilled water. Plants will be watered every 3 days for 5 weeks.
Control (distilled water only)
1/100,000 1/10,000 1/100 1/10 Full strength (vinegar only) (See photos below)


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