Glial cells

Glial cells are not neurons. Glial cells are found in the brain (and in the central nervous system). There are more glial cells than neurons in the grey matter. They surround neurons, providing them with oxygen, nutrients, and even remove dead neurons. Another thing they do is to help promote the successful transmission of neurotransmitters. There are four types of glial cells:

A-Astrocytes, O-Oligodendrocytes, E-Ependyma, M-Microglia

They are also known as the neuroglia. It should be noted that they do not conduct nerve impulses as neurons do.

More about the glia:
Role of astrocytes in Alzheimer’s disease and in suicide (and mental sickness in general).
A study at The Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine showed that a protein produced by astrocytes called S100B was higher in victims of suicide. Subsequesnt studies showed elevations of five other proteins produced by astrocytes in suicide victims.


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