Med school report: Oceania University of Medicine

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Hi folks,

Begin by reading the mission statement of Oceania University of Medicine (OUM).

It says it all:

The mission of Oceania University of Medicine is to produce physicians with the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes to improve the health of undeserved communities in Oceania and beyond, via traditional and innovative instructional modalities to help individuals overcome distance, personal, and professional barriers to realize their calling to the medical profession.

There is going to be a huge need for primary care physicians (+general surgeons) in underserved areas. I plan to be one of those persons to help fill the gap.
I was recently accepted into their program. I spent a year researching Oceania University of Medicine…talking to students, recent graduates and attending their online sessions. The program seems to fit my needs perfectly. (studying while working part-time)
One thing should be known about the program: while it is certainly flexible and unique in its approach, it is definitely not a back door to medicine – 60-100 hrs/week needed- 40 if you have a good background in basic sciences.

+ the USMLE and residency requirements are certainly the great equalizers…either you have the knowledge and experience, or you don’t.

OUM seems to be hitting the mark in this area. They say they do not accept any student into their program they are not confident has what it takes…(check their site to see stories from recent grads…here is one).

For those of you older premeds (over 40) who are worried whether or not you can find work after graduation:

After asking various medical schools whether there will be work for someone of my age, most said something like this, “If you can pass the USMLE, and finish a US residency, you can find work if you are flexible about where you will go”.

Sounds good to me…

*Note: Even if you pass the USMLE exams, some offshore medical schools are not approved for licensure in California, and other states. Oceania University of Medicine is very clear that if you are hoping to practice in California, their graduates cannot be licensed there (at least, not yet).

I urge you to check out the curriculum of Oceania School of Medicine.

Their admissions counselors are very helpful indeed. They will answer all of your questions..

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