Corporate Sponsorship(企業医学部奨学金・寄付)

Your tax deductible support for a worthy cause
(not for friends and family!)

Dear Potential Corporate Sponsor,

I would like to thank you in advance for reading this letter with the hope that you will consider sponsoring my medical education. Please offer your support of a full or partial grant directly to my medical university.

Oceania University of Medicine
Box #4573
616 Corporate Way, Suite 2
Valley Cottage, NY 10989-2050
Admissions Office at 1-877-463-6686 (toll free)

Because of OUM’s special low tuition fees, scholarships and loans from the University are not available. However, the University will work with private scholarship and lending sources to assist students finding their own funding. To ease the burden of tuition payments, OUM has created payment plans.

Your donation will go to an honorable and worthy cause as I plan to continue my history of philanthropy as a physician, volunteering my services to work for the equality and health of people in underserved areas.

Volunteer history:

1. (2002-2005) Social skills trainer for children within autism spectrum, PDD-NOS, and learning disabilities, University of Tsukuba, Institute for Disability Sciences, Tokyo, Japan.
2. (10/2010) UCLA Care Extender Medical Internship Program, Santa Monica, USA.

3. (2012-2013) Totsuka Home for Battered Women and Children, Totsuka, Japan.
4. (2012-) Clinical Psychologist, University of Tsukuba, Psychological and Developmental Counseling Center, Otsuka, Tokyo 112-0012
5. (2013-) Social skills trainer for children within autism spectrum, PDD-NOS, and learning disabilities, University of Tsukuba, Institute for Disability Sciences, Tokyo, Japan.

After an exhaustive search to find a medical school that would allow me to study while continuing my volunteer and university work, I was accepted into the North American M.D. Program at Oceania University of Medicine, based in Apia, Samoa (December of 2012).

It should be noted that OUM lowered their tuition fees in 2012, recognizing the burden that the cost of attending medical school is putting on students.

In order to support my tuition, I opened an association in 2012 (Association for Child Support through English), dedicated to the training of school teachers who wish to provide the best possible learning environment, and identify and care for those with special needs. Our work at ACSE has resulted in more help for children and families (most notably volunteer work this past year at Totsuka Home for Battered Women and Children).

The part-time program at OUM will allow me to complete my preclinical work in Japan, working with local physicians, and then complete clinical rotations at hospitals in Apia, Samoa, and in Baltimore, Maryland.

If a grant is made in the name of a business, in return for your generosity, the name of your company will appear on my websites.

Thank you for considering my request. If you have any questions or need further information regarding verification of my credentials or experience, please feel free to contact me. I would be glad to follow up by contacting you.


(Simon R. Downes, Ph.D.)
Director, Association for Child Support through English,
 102-0074 Italia Bunka Kainan, 4F KS Floor,
2-1-30 Kudan-Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: 03-5843-8778
一般社団法人 英語を通じた育児支援協会
E-mail: , or

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