What is it about biochemistry?

This morning again, I woke up at the crack of dawn, compelled to open my books and jump deeper into the biochem world I am slowly discovering. The more I learn, the more I want to know, but I never seem to get there, to the place where I feel confident with what I know…always, there is another question…another avenue I have not gone down, leading me on and on…

Yet, it seems to empower me in many ways. Early this morning, it was glycolysis, and then trying (again) to develop an intuition for the citric acid cycle…going down, deep, deep inside…then later listening to a podcast on Biochemistry Revealed, about the histone code, completely blowing my mind..

This stuff is second nature for many high school students…and I seem to remember learning it myself long, long ago, in my grade school days, with absolutely no interest at all…

Now, I think of little else…

Work…it is just a break in between my study sessions.

(Below are photos of DNA wrapping itself around histones, from the Biochemistry Revealed website)

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