One more recent question…

Thank you Simon for another inspirational post!

I am finishing my seconding year of MSN-informatics….I figured, might as well complete it since I’ve started. However, I am highly interested in OUM’s program, the only thing is that I DO live in California.
The thoughts of moving out of state and to re-establish another life, friendship, home, neighborhood is probably the only reason that is holding me back. However, just like the ED PA that posted the question, I just can’t devote another 3-years doing (or re-do) pre-med courses that I’ve taken years ago and take the MCAT.

By the way, a quick question, does e-ITM (the first 6 months) count as ONE module? And what are the difference between the $5,000 vs $2,500 modules?

You raise some good points.
Yes, California does not yet accept OUM graduates for licensure in the state. However, that does not mean that they will not in the future. (By the way, I was born in the UK, but lived in LA, San Diego and S.F. until 26). 
You are in a good program, which I imagine will be very useful for the future of medicine. If you work in this area, you could attend OUM part-time, and look at your options.
I have only been a student for a month, but I researched the school for a whole year, looking at many aspects of the program, and speaking with students and graduates. I expect that the school will expand into many avenues. Just from knowing the administrators of the program, I am just glad that I am in ‘early’, as these guys are really working hard to expand the opportunities for the students.
Regarding the MCAT prep, as you may know, some other US schools are also not requiring the MCAT. Although you can be sure that a strong base in the sciences will prepare you well for any med school, there have been some conflicting studies regarding whether it is a good predictor of whether or not you will do well in med school, or pass Step one..
In any case, let me assure you, OUM covers the basic sciences well, and the e-ITM is no cakewalk. It is a good chance to see if OUM is right for you, and to gauge your basic sciences skills. The profs are excellent, either working MDs, or PhDs in their teaching subject. They also offer weekly advising sessions one-to-one, so you never feel like you are lagging behind. I feel like I have hit the jackpot as far as finding the right school for me is concerned.
Still, as I said, in my vacation, I have been spending the entire day reading, and preparing for exams…
To answer your question…
The e-ITM is 5,000 for 6 months, (payment plans offered). You hit all of the basic sciences, as listed on the website, and then you deal with each one separately-or combined in e-foundation modules..2,500 each. The system modules are then taught 6 weeks each..not sure on the prices for those. 
So, yes, I suppose the e-ITM is one module??? Ah..not sure about that. I have just completed Physiology, and Pharmacology, now in Biochemistry…next week, we start Molecular Bio. To me, they feel like big blocks…modules sounds like a kind word 🙂 – I thought two weeks per subject as an intro to medicine would be …rather light, but actually, we have been told that the content includes quite a bit of high-yield USMLE step one stuff…just less of it. Of course there are basic concepts introduced, but it quickly speeds up. (The other day, looking at FIRST AID USMLE prep, I saw many of the same concepts being taught to us in the e-ITM, so I suppose they are not wasting much time in getting us ready for the test- and let’s face it, their rep must be tied in to how well students do on the boards)
To stay in good standing, you will need to take 24 weeks of classes per year, if I am not mistaken.
One thing I did was to contact the admissions counselor team. I must have asked 50 questions, but they kindly dealt with all my questions in a timely manner, even spoke to me on voice Skype…I think you can just call them directly too.
Sorry, I seem to be rambling!
This morning, we had Journal Club with Australia OUM, and my brain is a little fried..
Well, good luck, and feel free to ask any other questions you may have (keep in mind that I may not be as good as the admissions counselors).

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