Journal #3: Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics

After biochemistry, the beginning of MBMG looked very familiar. Then I had a huge wake-up call…the detail. I can tell this class will be slow moving…when I get stuck on a point, the next slides make no sense at all. I can foresee some deep reading ahead..gulp. This class is still ‘introductory’, so I had better get a good feel for the concepts.


The professor is patient, however, and always re checks our comprehension levels.

– One of the strangest things I have noticed is the steadily growing collection of new concepts. –

You would think in the years leading up to this, I would have at least come across many of these tiny-detailed concepts…but I never did! Was I asleep? Or is it that the info is so new, that it is not usually covered in basic sciences?..Mmm, well, I think I will just have to chalk this one up to my lack of knowledge. Perhaps it makes it more fun to see something you have never come across.

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