Journal #5: Mico…exhausted.

Ok, I have a short break. You would think that after a day of lectures and hundreds of slides – watched and made, I would want to sleep. But I just took a nap, so now, I need to write.

This is a fun course. Two professors are running the Micro lectures, and there is A LOT of info. I think I am a very high energy type, but these two ladies have waaay more energy than I do.

We have 14 lectures and slides to cover in the next few weeks..a quiz and a test. ANKI has been an amazing program DON’T FAIL ME NOW!!!!

Both profs also teach at US traditional med schools, and their students do very well on the boards – this gives me confidence. Yet…I am not retaining the info…I read, and read, and read, listen and stare..but all the bugs and diseases seem to melt into one!! Help!

Today I ordered MICROCARDS

I am working on developing a USB port for my head…soon I will be able to download the entire med school curriculum so check back (in about 2-3 centuries)

Ok…need to zone out on a few ER episodes…

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