Journal #6: Microbiology block is great but I feel a little sick…

Yes, I do feel a little woozy from seeing all of the bugs, but it also makes me realize the great unfairness of this world.

So much sickness, so little assistance to those in need. 
I hope I get to make a difference to some of these people by studying hard in this class. 
Gram + and – bacteria, Spirochetes, Anaerobic bacteria, Mycoplasma, Basic Virology, DNA and RNA viruses, Retroviruses. Basic parasitology, blood protozoa and tissue protozoa, intestinal protozoa and helminths, Basic mycology, Cutaneous systemic, and opportunistic mycoses.

We need many more people in medicine… Many more. 
and why can’t the world unite and fight to provide clean water for all?
We need more Matt Damons in this world to help.


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