Mediastinum mcqs

The superior mediastinum shows all the following, EXCEPT:
a- trachea
b- ascending aorta
c- arch of aorta
d- left brachiocaphalic vein
e- vagus nerve

The correct statement about Thoracic duct is:
a- it enters to the thorax through caval opening
b- it lies posterior to the esophagus in the superior mediastinum
c- it lies in the superior & posterior mediastinum
d- drain into Rt subclavian vein
e- it receives the lymph from both lungs
 Regarding pericardium:
a- visceral part supplied by phrenic nerve
b- Fibrous pericardium consist of visceral & parietal parts
c- serous pericardium down represent the attachment of central tendon of diaphragm
d- Located laterally to the esophagus
e- The oblique sinus is bounded anteriorly by the visceral layer of serous pericardium
All the following are related posteriorly to the heart, EXCEPT:
a- Oblique sinus
b- Rt bronchus
c- Thoracic aorta
d- Lt vagus
e- Esophagus
Regarding Rt main bronchus all the following are True, EXCEPT:
a- wider than the Lt
b- longer than the Lt
c- more vertical than the Lt
d- bacteria pass through it easily
e- gives off the Rt superior lobe bronchi before entering the hilum

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