Rheumatoid arthritis MCQs

■ When the response to methotrexate or other DMARDs has been inadequate, all of the following drugs may be considered for RA except: 1. leflunomide 2. cytokine modulators (adalimumab , etanercept , infliximab) 3. Metozolv4. ciclosporin
■ T or F: Two examples of glucocorticoids used to treat RA are azathioprine and ciclosporin
■ T or F: DMARDs are considered to be first-line drugs, as their clinical effects are relatively fast (1-2 weeks).
■ T or F: Methotrexate is a folic acid agonist with cytotoxic and immunosuppresant activity
■ Degradative enzymes including Metalloproteinases and serine proteases, digest extracellular matrix and destroy the joint surface. In addition, the ______ has been incriminated as a major factor underlying bone erosion in RA. 1. osteoblast 2. osteoclast
■ In reactive arthritis, an infectious agent in the gastrointestinal tract incites an inflammatory reaction in individuals carrying: 1. HLA-B272. HLA- DR4 3. PRRs


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