Today’s cases: January 27th, 2016

  1. 67 yo male, Dx prostate cancer, staging required, CT visualizing, find metastasis, he had bladder cancer before, might have had operation before


2. 72 yo female, head injury – she hit her teeth, calcification of internal carotid artery, normal atherosclerosis can cause infarction, frontal bone benign lesion


Red circles indicate ICAC on CT scan.

ICAC –  intracranial carotid artery calcification

Below: Dermoid Cyst of the Skull. Top. Well-demarcated, lytic lesion of the diploic space (white arrows) expanding the outer table adjacent to the midline. Lower. Same lesion as seen on the scout image of the CT (yellow arrow) is seen in the frontal bone expanding the diploic space. – See more at:


3.    CT after myelography (older method which injects iodine into spine), myelin sheath compressed, neural foramen compressed, looked at center of spinal cord, could see bulging disk, also looked at MRI, on axial view noticed bone spurs (narrowing of neural canal),

Below:  CT myelogram of the lumbar spine showing spinal stenosis.

4. Brain image, new infarction?/ old infarction?, edematous mass, OLD because SHRINKAGE around it = OLD, THIN CORTEX, whiet matter is gliosis, a new brain infaction would have no shrinkage



5. 1yo male, put a chopstick in his ear, bleeding of tympanic membrane, AIR is BLACK,
bleeding in internal ear cavity, ossicles normal, mastoid air cell – fluid whitish = ottis media

Below: Temporal bone CT scan demonstrating left otitis media (upper arrow) and mastoiditis (lower arrow).


6. 61 yo female, herniation of cervical C7-Th1, bulging disk on axial view, but cord no abnormality


7. 62 yo male, critical limb ischemia, grey is blood flow, a lot of calcification – complete stenosis, probably on dialysis b/c kidney is small, left side 3rd toe is necrotic – but bone normal, dorsal and pedis and lateral plantar artery checked out ok

Figure 2b: CT angiogram 3D reconstruction showing an absence of flow in the right common iliac artery (white arrow) and beyond indicating an acute arterial occlusion.


8. Emergency case, 39 yo male, CXR, small nodules seen typical of SARCOIDOISIS – rare, not TB – allergic granulomatosis, not infection, common in young males

Sarcoidosis is an autoimmune disease condition that affects the organs of the body, but especially the liver and lungs. In sarcoidosis, abnormal tissue growths called granulomas form in many organs, including the lungs, liver, lymph nodes, eyes, skin and other areas.


9. 24 yo female, health check, normal, Thymus can be seen – normal thymus:

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