About Simon

Simon R. Downes, PhD, MS2

Medical student at Oceania University of Medicine, a hybrid US-Japan program that allows me to train locally while I prepare for the USMLE and local exams.

We host ONLINE international neurosurgery conferences. HERE is a link to examples of online neurosurgery conferences. Our You Tube Channel has latest conferences.

Regarding page contents

Radiology / Neuroradiology
Please note that the radiology cases I post are from my 2015-2016 rotations and case studies – some may be incorrect. Please use only as a reference, and do not hesitate to comment to point out my errors. The typical radiology cases I present (neuroradiology and other) are taken from Aunt Minnie’s atlas and imaging specific diagnosis.

I provide links to conferences that I have co-produced or participated as a student panel member. Neurosurgery Le Freak is a collaboration with a neurosurgeon & multi-media artist.
Neurosurgery Le Freak (co-produced videos)

The pathology videos I post entitled ‘Path Bites’ are videos of original text created by Kristine Krafts, MD. Please visit her web page at www.pathologystudent.com     LINK TO PLAYLIST

I also have re-produced MANY of Dr. Krafts PATH BITES in my free iTunes Podcast.