I have some pain in my left shoulder

P – I have some pain in my left shoulder
P – My left shoulder hurts
P – My shoulder is painful

D – When did the pain start?
D – When did the shoulder begin to hurt?

P – It began to hurt last month

D – When do you feel the pain most?

P – At night
P – When I lift something

P – It hurts all day

D – How did you hurt it / injure it?
D – How did you hurt your shoulder?

D- Did you hit your shoulder somewhere?
D- Or did you lift something heavy?

D – Do you know the cause of your pain?
D – Do you know how you hurt it?

D – What type of pain are you feeling?

D – Is it a sharp or dull pain?

D – Does it hurt mostly at night?
D – When do feel pain most? At night? In the morning?