From the days ..way back when..(when I had looks!!)
Click to enlarge – much funnier that way! hahaha!!

DSC05360 DSC05164 DSC05163 versace2 versace1 Zed 3 Zed 2 runway 3 rl2 simon Body 6 Body 5 body5 DSC05339 DSC05180 DSC05178 Runway4 rl3 navy2 Navy1 RL6 (1) RL10 RL9 RL8 RL7 RL5 RL4 Macys2 DSC05154 Macys1 mc5 mc4 Levis 2 Levis 1 DSC05153 DSC05188 Macys3 FFT3 FFT1 Headshot5 headshot 4 DSC05368 DSC05366 DSC05373 boss2 boss1 FFT4 Epson2 DSC05132 FFT11 FFT10 FFT9 FFT8 FFT7 FFT6 FFT5 Dunhill2 bdwy1 Dunhill8 Dunhill7 Dunhill6 Dunhill5 Dunhill4 Dunhill3 Dunhill 1 bdwy2 RL6 Armani7 Armani6 Armani5 Armani4 Armani3 armani2 armani1




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