My other sites

Med School Radio

Collection of 600+ videos I have made for USMLE step one prep

The Rad Scratch Post – Med Student Diary

Things I am learning as a student in the department of diagnostic radiology in Tokyo

The Doctor’s Opinion

Learn the opinion of doctors, and connect with them directly to ask questions

 – My Road to Medical School

1000+ posts on basic sciences

My Counseling page

Online counseling

Med Student Lounge.TV

Live, Interactive hangouts about medicine

Oceania University of Medicine on Facebook

Community page

OUM Student Lounge

Oceania University of Medicine student page

 – Prestin – Bone conducted hearing aids

I translated this website, and I am in charge of regulatory procedures for this company

PMD Learn

Regulatory procedures for pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Association for Child Support through English

My non-profit in Japan (sorry, currently offline for website reconstruction)

Simon BEAR School

My kindergarten, day care and after school elementary school program in Japan PHOTOS

10,000 English phrases for Moms and Kids in Japan

I made these phrases for Japanese parents over a 5-year period. It is a supplement to my book.

English teaching support webpage

Reading Challenge Cards

Reading program I created for children

Kozy Bear & the Feefers

Children’s learning songs and videos created with my brother and his wife.
We have submitted a TV pilot episode…

Weight training

Some random pics of weight training, some from modeling days…ok to laugh you ass off, some of these are ridiculous!


I surfed competitively in junior and senior high school, and all around the world – just for fun.

Modeling or see as individual pics

OK, get ready to laugh… This was a really fun stage in my life.


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